Solar cells forming the structure of the vessel

Tough enough to walk on

No loss of structural integrity

Streamlined and 100% waterproof

High density layouts for maximum power generation

BEACON Praxis port side aft_HI_RES


For top endurance, USV require a reliable and robust energy solution that is 100% waterproof.

Praxis Lab’s Structural Solar technology enables solar arrays to function as the structure of the boat. The vessel increases in power with no added panels, no fragile surfaces and no loss of aerodynamics.

Praxis Lab’s reinforced solar surfaces can be walked on and refinished like a standard boat. Custom arrays maximise the solar surface area to increase the power and produce lower $/watt than COTS panels. Enhanced shading and damage tolerance are incorporated into the structures.

The USV is no longer a boat with solar panels stuck on, it is a true solar boat. Harvesting its own energy for increased mission durations.



Solar that can be walked on and refinished like the rest of the vessel.

Designed for functionality, Praxis Lab’s Solar Skins enable any suitable surface area on a marine vessel to be a solar collector and still a workable, functioning surface.

Resilient and 100% waterproof, Solar Skins can be walked on, finished, and then refinished like the rest of the vessel. Ultra low profile, manufactured in customisable high quality finishes, Praxis Lab’s Solar Skins can provide extra power to any marine vessel with no compromise on structural integrity.