Solar cells integral to the structure of the aircraft.

No added weight

No loss of structural integrity

Aerodynamic and waterproof

High density layouts for maximum power generation



200-300% range extension and unprecedented capabilities

Weight-critical sUAS require a solar solution that adds power without adding weight, and protects the cells from damage during handling and landings.

Praxis Lab’s Structural Solar technology enables the solar array to function as the wing structure, offsetting the weight of the cells. The aircraft increases in power with no weight penalty, providing transformative flight endurance increases.

The rugged solar structures survive Deep Stall Landings with no loss of efficiency of the cells and are completely aerodynamic and waterproof. When not in use the solar wings can charge other equipment on the ground.

Flight trials of a solar 2.4m wingspan Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance sUAS showed 200-300% range extension *dependent on solar conditions.



Powering the electric aircraft revolution

At the dawn of an electric aircraft revolution, reliable and renewable energy sources are critical. Praxis Labs can offer manned aircraft the ability to harvest their own energy with no weight penalty. Enhancing flight capabilities and powering equipment on the tarmac.

Solar cells are no longer and add-on to the structure. Solar cells ARE the structure of the aircraft.



The lightest totally reinforced HAPS solar solution worldwide

Praxis Labs offers the lightest, full efficiency, totally reinforced solar solution for HAPS worldwide. Developed to improve upon the performance of the Solar Impulse aircraft, the solution offers full efficiency of the cells, structural integrity and dedicated research into extending the performance and longevity of the aircraft under UV light. Praxis offers expertise and customised solutions for HAPS worldwide.