Solar UAS

Solar Unmanned Aerial Systems. Fly all day.


Solar wing compatible with the PUMA sUAS

Fit for purpose solar wing designed to be compatible with the Puma UAS.

  • 200-300% flight increase during daylight hours*
  • Fully Reinforced Silicon cells
  • Survives Deep Stall Landings with no loss of cell performance
  • Fully integrated Miniaturised Power Management System
  • Charges other equipment when on the ground
  • Easy to assemble
  • Proven in military environments

*dependent on daylight conditions

*image shown - gallium arsenide solar cells

Range of applications: Intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance.


Praxis ER2 sUAS

Long endurance sUAS for aerial mapping with solar technology developed for the harsh and demanding Australian military environment.

  • Affordable
  • Robust
  • Transportable
  • 8 hr flight time
  • Programmable flight paths
  • Autonomous

Range of applications: Agricultural mapping, land surveys, asset inspection, border patrol, shark spotting.



Solar Skins for High Altitude Pseudo Satellite

Solar Skins developed to increase the performance of the Solar Impulse aircraft.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Silicon cells - 24.4% efficiency
  • Total Solar Reinforcement
  • Specially formulated UV resistance

Range of applications: HAPS, HALE